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From a field and lab disease ecologist

Disease ecology is the the ecological study of host-pathogen interactions within the context of their environment and evolution(1). In other words, in disease ecology, host and pathogens are not studied in isolation, but while taking into account the host and pathogen's populations, and the local and focal environments in which they live.

(1)Kilpatrick & Altizer (2010) Disease Ecology. Nature Education Knowledge 3(10):55

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About me

I am a field and lab disease ecologist trained at the vet School Oniris (France) and at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), currently working in Umeå (Sweden).

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About this web platform

This web platform, meant to evolve constantly, aims at sharing the lab protocols used, tested or observed during my research with my collaborators, for the sake of transparency and repeatability of science. Future collaborators are before all encouraged to explore the folder "Others" which explains the safety procedures when working with zoonotic pathogens (e.g. PUUV).

If you are a member of my previous or current research group, you will access to the folders by clicking on the pictures of the portofolio. The article to be quoted is cited in each protocol. This project is version controlled via git hosted in GitLab (@ClaireCayol) to enable sharing and synchronisation among collaborators.